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3D Visualization

As a 3D visualizer I help interior designers and architects to envision their ideas, designs and concepts. A good visualization is a key to make a successful presentation and win the customer.

Here are 3D visualization services I provide:

  • 3D Exterior & Interior Visualization
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • 360° Panorama and Virtual Tours
Interior Design Interior Design Product Visualization, modeling Exterior design 3D visualization 3D product visualization for retail internet shops - Folder 3D Floor Plans - 1st Floor Interior visualization for a kid
Exterior design 3D visualization Interior 3D visualization - Beach bath Detail Closeup Exterior design 3D visualization Exterior design 3D visualization - House Bedroom visualization for a child Interior 3D visualization - Kitchen View
Interior design, top view, floorplan Interior, Office space Visualization Interior, 3D, modeling Interior 3D visualization - Room Interior 3D visualization - Bedroom 3D Floor Plans - First Floor 1 Interior design, top view, floorplan
3D interior visualization - Bedroom Office Design Interior Design Interior 3D visualization - Room Interior 3D visualization - Bedroom Interior 3D visualization - Bedoom 3D product visualization for retail internet shops - Guitar

360° Experience

Interactive 360° panoramas and virtual tours are a new and very effective tool for online shops, real estate agencies, interior designers, construction companies and architects to demonstrate their products, houses, and buildings. 360° experience is extremely impressive and allows users to get a complete idea about products or room interior without necessity to visit the building or shop offline.

360° bedroom panorama

360° panorama of the house interior

360° panorama of a kid's bedroom

For Clients

Interior Designers and Stylists

I'm your first asset in winning a client. CAD drawings, sketches and floor plans, light and furniture plans are often too complicated to comprehend. Versatile moodboards and «shopping lists» help a lot though unable to present your design consistently. 3D Visualization and 360° panorama, on the other hand, will help your ideas speak in a photo real way. Moreover, it's a possibility to test versatile designs, make improvements and adjustments before investments are made. Let your client discover his/her future home through photos or immersive 360° degrees experience while enjoying a drink at the cafe, office or home and he's bound to be yours!

Retail internet shops

Any product in your online shop can be easily recreated in 3D space and no more costly photoshoots needed. Your customers will be able to examine their future purchase from any angle as well as dynamically change its colors and materials depending on what's available in stock. Just imagine how that can skyrocket your sales.

Real estate agencies

Living/Working spaces can be experienced through a convincing and communicative 3D visualization and your client doesn't need to commute anywhere. It's especially important for the estates that are in the stage of design or construction. That's why visualizing real estate projects is not only about architecture itself, but more about an inspiring experience and context. The ideal atmosphere image, 360° panorama or even a virtual tour is what you can grant to your clients. 3D Visualization is perfect for all your marketing materials and brochures.

Industrial & Product Designers

2D sketches of a concept or an existing design translated into 3 Dimensional Space will enable to expose the whole potential of your idea: all possible modifications and features. 3D Visualization us a great way to test the idea qua form, function, and mechanics as a model can be viewed from any angle and adjusted dynamically e.g color/material change. The smallest details can be set to action and viewed as animation. Thus, prototyping process will become cheaper, faster and more accurate.

Construction Companies & Architects

CAD drawings and blueprints converted to photorealistic artists impression will allow you to better present and make the right acquaintance of your project to your partners and customers. It will also allow you to test versatile materials and looks as well as make quick and easy adjustments to the project.


Before investing money in renovation or building project, furniture/ equipment you surely want to have an idea how will everything fit in together, whether a chosen style is really good for you. 3D Visualization gives a realistic presentation of your project plan. It helps to get a clear understanding of your design in full details, eliminate errors, make adjustments.


Before we start working on visualizing your project it is absolutely essential that we share the same values and vision. Full comprehension of the workflow and communication process will ensure a pleasant experience and outstanding result of our cooperation.

To achieve that, we start with discussing everything you envision about the project: ideas, design sketches, floor plans, mood boards, material, and furniture collections. We define technical and commercial requirements such as project scale and its concept, deadlines, the number of still shots from different angles, resolution quality etc.

Only having the full package of the project information I can estimate project duration and make a quotation.

After 50% prepay I start working on the project.


  • CAD drawings, sketch, .pdf (front/back, top, left and/or right side) of the project.
  • Detailed documentation on what types of materials are going to be used.
  • Furniture and lighting plan.
Step One: 3D Model
Step One: 3D Model

I make a detailed 3D model without any materials. I will send you several camera views, so you can feel the space, and choose the best viewpoints of what needs to be rendered.

At this stage, I can still do major modifications on the model.

Please note, that correcting the model at this step is easy, later it's going to be more difficult and could cause an extra fee.

One major and one minor revision of the model is possible at this stage.

Step Two: Lights and Materials
Step Two: Lights and Materials

At this step, I make lighting and material tests based on provided documents. I place furniture, vegetation and accessories, set the mood of the image.

Two minor material revisions can be made here.

Viewpoints can still be adjusted.

The further material modification will cost 40 euro per change.

The additional camera angle of the same scene costs 100 euro.

Step Three: Final Result
Step Three: Final Result

At the final phase, you get the agreed number of high-resolution photos and/or animation.

Color correction and postproduction of the image is included.

NB: I can provide you with the source files of the models and the 3D scene upon agreement.

Price & Time

Average cost Average time
(from the intake discussion till completion)
Interior Visualization € 450 - 900 3-4 days
Exterior Visualization € 450 - 1000 3-5 days
Product Visualization € 300 - 1200 3-5 days
360° Experience € 500 - 1200 3-6 days
Animation Heavily depends on the length and difficulty. The quotation is made upon request

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