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3D interior and product visualization by Valeriia Rudchenko

my name is Valeriia, a 3D visualizer and a self-taught artist. I create realistic 3D visualizations, teach and create art in Amsterdam.

As a 3D visualizer I help interior designers, architects and product designers to envision their ideas, designs/concepts; win a customer; make a successful marketing presentation, you name it! by means of photorealistic images, animations and VR experiences.

    Here are 3D visualization services I provide:
  • 3D Exterior & Interior Visualization
  • 3D Product Visualization
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animations
  • 360° Panorama and Virtual Tours

My services are always specifically tailored to your needs. With me, you'll always get a top quality result within time, budget and with a personal touch. I'm based in Amsterdam and will happily meet for coffee to discuss your ideas.

As an artist I love experimenting with different mediums, exploring techniques, play with styles and let people experience the joy of creation.

During my workshops people get to experiment with colors in a way they wouldn't ever dare to, have lots of fun, and enjoy quality offline time.

    Here the services I provide as an art-tutor:
  • Fluid Art Workshop
  • Fluid Art for Couples/Families
  • Abstract Oil/Acrylics Art Workshop
  • Drink & Paint
  • Abstract Oil/Acrylics Art Workshop for Couples (Making a Diptych with Your Partner)
  • Creative birthday parties/Baby Shower/Custom made workshops
  • You can also buy my paintings or order a custom one to fit your interior

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